Ashly MX-406 6-Input Mic/Line Mixer with EQ

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  • Manufacturer: Ashly

Six Balanced 1/4” - XLR Inputs Two-Band EQ on Each Input Input Level and Pan Controls on Each Input Six Channel Inserts Aux Input Controls Transformer Balanced XLR Mono Output Five Year Warranty

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MPN (manufacturer part number) MX-406
Condition New
Specs DISTORTION THD at +4 dBu, 20Hz-20KHz <0.05% THD at +12dBu, 30Hz-10KHz <0.05% IMD (SMPTE) at +12dBu <0.05% HUM & NOISE (20Hz-20KHz at max preamp gain) Equivalent input hum and noise <-127dBu Residual output noise, TRS outputs, all levels at minimum <-100dBu Aux Out, Aux Master and all Ch. Aux at nom. <-80dBu MAXIMUM VOLTAGE GAIN (±2dB) MASTER Mic/Line Input to Master Output +84dB Mic/Line Input to Mono Output, 600 ohm load +84dB AUX SENDS Mic Input to Aux Master Output, pre ch. level 84dB Mic Input to Aux Master Output, post ch. level 99dB Stereo Line in to Aux Master Output 32dB FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20Hz-20KHz +0.5/-1.0dB EQUALIZATION Bass ±12dB at 70Hz, shelving Treble ±12dB at 8KHz, shelving CROSSTALK Adjacent inputs, 20Hz-20KHz <-65dB VU METERS (Stereo Outputs) 0VU = +4dBu -21 to +6 VU INDICATORS PEAK INDICATORS Peak Clip indicator on each input channel and left and right outputs, illuminates 3dB below clipping PHANTOM POWER +48 VDC applied to all Mic Inputs, switchable on front panel. Maximum total current draw = 80mA. Maximum single channel current draw = 14mA. Gradual power-up and down to eliminate "pops". SHIPPING WEIGHT 15 lbs. POWER REQUIREMENTS 100-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz – 30 watts DIMENSIONS: 19" wide x 3.50" high x 8.0" deep.
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