BSS BLU-100 - 12x8 Signal Processor with BLU Link


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Explore the Power of Precision with BSS Audio BLU-100

-12 analog inputs (with 48 VAC phantom power per channel)
-8 analog outputs
-Configurable signal processing
-Rich palette of processing and logic objects
-48 channel, low latency, fault tolerant digital audio bus
-Clear front panel LED Indicators


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Unlock unparalleled audio performance with the BSS Audio BLU-100, a cutting-edge digital signal processor designed to elevate your sound experience. Engineered with precision and innovation, the BLU-100 redefines audio processing, delivering crystal-clear sound and seamless integration.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Signal Processing: The BLU-100 boasts advanced signal processing capabilities, ensuring every note and nuance is reproduced with utmost clarity.

  2. Intuitive Interface: Navigate effortlessly through the device's intuitive interface, providing a user-friendly experience for both beginners and seasoned audio professionals.

  3. Versatile Connectivity: With a range of connectivity options, including analog and digital inputs, the BLU-100 adapts to diverse audio setups, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

  4. Robust Build: Crafted with durability in mind, the BLU-100 is built to withstand the demands of professional audio environments, guaranteeing reliability in any setting.

Experience audio excellence with the BSS Audio BLU-100. Our BLU-100 digital signal processor stands out with exceptional signal processing, an intuitive interface, and versatile connectivity options. Explore the power of precision and elevate your sound to new heights with the BSS Audio BLU-100.


Ensure your audio setup reaches its full potential with the BSS Audio BLU-100. Our digital signal processor, the BLU-100, offers unparalleled precision and clarity. Elevate your sound experience with the advanced signal processing capabilities of the BLU-100. Discover the perfect balance of innovation and reliability in audio processing.

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MPN (manufacturer part number)BLU-100
UPC (Universal Product Code)00691991004223
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