RME Fireface 400 Firewire Recording Interface

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18 Input / 18 Output channels 8 x Analog I/O 1 x ADAT I/O or 1 x SPDIF I/O optical 1 x SPDIF I/O coaxial 2 x MIDI I/O 2 x Firewire 400 1 x Word Clock I/O 2 x Mic Preamp with digitally controlled gain TotalMix
RME Fireface 400 Firewire Recording Interface RMEs Fireface 800 revolutionized the world of FireWire audio interfaces. Now the revolution continues: The Fireface 400 is not just the little brother of the Fireface 800 - it is a completely newly designed device. It is the only device in its class with active jitter suppression, stand-alone functionality, complete controllability from the front panel, highly flexible I/Os in professional quality, and an unsurpassed 648-Channel matrix router - at sample rates up to 192 kHz.
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Features As usual, RME offer a host of sophisticated features and characteristics with the fastest Firewire technology. These include: Two digitally controlled Mic Preamps in high-end quality Two balanced universal inputs for line and instrument signals SteadyClock for maximum jitter suppression and clock refresh Simple stand-alone operation with rotary encoder and front panel display 54 Level Meter Peak/RMS, hardware-calculated Full mobility by Bus Power support DIGICheck, RME's unique meter and analysis tool TotalMix: 648-Channel mixer with 42-bit internal resolution FireWire audio by RME is seen as the reference by both users and editors. Thanks to an internal flash memory, all settings including TotalMix are recalled during boot. The device can thus be configured and used as a stand-alone device, without being connected to a computer, e.g. as a submixer, A/D and D/A-converter, headphone mixer, format converter, instrument or microphone pre-amplifier, monitoring mixer and much more. The Fireface 400 is equipped with SteadyClock(TM), RME's unique sync and clock technology. With this, the device becomes a sync reference for the whole studio. SteadyClock refreshes clock signals, removes jitter, and takes care of optimal AD/DA conversion quality, thus guarantees a sensational sound quality, completely independent from the reference clock's quality. SteadyClock allows the unit to control the sample rate freely on its own. The Settings dialog includes a direct choice of the video and audio world's most often used sample rates. Additionally, two faders can be used to set the sample rate freely and in real-time, within the range of +/- 4% and +/- 0.4%. Of course the Fireface 400 offers a second FireWire port for hub functionality. Up to three devices can be connected to one FireWire interface and operated in parallel. The renowned Fireface 800 shares the same driver, allowing mixed setups.
Specs Input AD: 6 x 1/4" TRS (4 x Line, 2 x Line/Instrument), 2 x XLR/TRS Combo connector (2 x Mic/Line), all servo-balanced. Output DA: 6 x 1/4" TRS, servo-balanced, DC-coupled signal path. 1 x 1/4" TRS unbalanced Input Digital: 1 x ADAT optical or SPDIF optical, SPDIF coaxial (AES/EBU compatible) Output Digital: 1 x ADAT optical or SPDIF optical, SPDIF coaxial (AES/EBU compatible) MIDI: 2 x MIDI I/O via breakout cable (4 x 5-pin DIN jacks), for 32 channels low jitter hi-speed MIDI Dynamic range AD: 110 dB RMS unweighted, 113 dBA THD AD: < -100 dB (< 0.001 %) THD+N AD: < -98 dB (< 0.0012 %) Crosstalk AD: > 110 dB Dynamic range DA: 110 dB RMS unweighted, 113 dBA (unmuted) THD DA: -100 dB (0.001 %) THD+N DA: -96 dB (0.0015 %) Crosstalk DA: > 110 dB Input/Output level for 0 dBFS @ Hi Gain: +19 dBu Input/Output level for 0 dBFS @ +4 dBu: +13 dBu Input/Output level for 0 dBFS @ -10 dBV: +2 dBV Sample rate internally: 32, 44.1, 48, 64, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 128, 176.4, 192 kHz Sample rate externally: 28 kHz - 200 kHz Frequency response AD/DA, -0.1 dB: 5 Hz - 20.4 kHz (sf 44.1 kHz) Frequency response AD/DA, -0.5 dB: 1 Hz - 43.3 kHz (sf 96 kHz) Frequency response AD/DA, -1 dB: 1 Hz - 80 kHz (sf 192 kHz) Driver support Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP, Vista (32 and 64 bit), 7 (32 and 64 bit): Full ASIO multi-client operation of WDM, MME (not XP64), GSIF 2.0 and ASIO 2.0. WDM (DirectSound) with stereo and multi-Channel support. Full hot-plugging. Up to 3 units operational. Mac OS X (10.3 or higher) PPC and Intel: Core Audio, Core MIDI. Full hot-plugging. Up to three units operational. * In Quad Speed mode (176.4 and 192 kHz), the ADAT I/O is deactivated ** Firewire is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
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