Tascam MX-8A -8 Input /8 Output Matrix Mixer with DSP

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The TASCAM MX-8A is a Matrix Mixer equipped with 8 mic / line inputs and 8 line outputs as well as integrated DSP for audio optimization in various environments and configurations Custom control apps are also available to allow easy setup and adjustment by both system integrators and end users.


Dedicated wall-mount external controller

Source selection, volume adjustment, and mute functions can be remotely changed with the external wall-mount programmable controllers RC-W100-R120 and RC-W100-R86. Both controllers are equipped with one LCD display, an encoder and 4 switches. Up to 8 units of RC-W100-R120 or RC-W100-R86 can be installed with one TASCAM MX-8A.

* RC-W100-R120 and RC-W100-R86 are optional accessories, sold separately.
* TASCAM MX CONNECT Software V1.2.0 or upwards is needed to use this function.

Structuring small to mid-scale systems

The TASCAM MX-8A is possible to mix mic and playback equipment audio signals into 8 different zones. This function can be used in installation systems for small to medium scale stores, restaurants or banquet rooms, etc.

Powerful Integrated DSP

The onboard DSP provides a full set of audio processing for mic and line inputs including Compressor, 4 parametric EQ, auto level, ducking and more. On line level outputs, the DSP delivers 10 band EQ, high pass filters, low pass filters, delay and limiter effects.

Remote Control Software

Control of the TASCAM MX-8A via either of the two available control software applications

- TASCAM MX CONNECT, designed for integrators and providing control over the configuration and settings of an entire system.

- TASCAM EZ CONNECT, designed for end-users and providing easy control over a variety of settings.

Available for Windows / mac OS / Android / iOS devices.

Configurable Input Modules

Allows mic / line inputs levels to be configured and modified by the onboard DSP.

Input module functions:

  • Mic/line input switching
  • Phantom power (+48V) ON/OFF (mic input)
  • PAD (mic input)
  • Mic gain (mic input)
  • Compressor
  • 4 band EQ2 band parametric EQ
    Low shelving EQ / High pass filter
    High shelving EQ
  • Auto level control
  • Mute
  • Fader
  • Fader / Mute grouping
4 band EQ2 band parametric EQ
Low shelving EQ / High pass filter
High shelving EQ
Phantom Power and Remote Gain Control

The integrated mic preamps support phantom power (+48V) and the input gain may also be controlled remotely via the TASCAM MX CONNECT software; RS-232C or Ethernet compatible control systems.

TASCAM Studio Quality Mic Preamps

The MX-8A features high grade TASCAM borne of years of designing professional audio equipment. Input range covers -70 dBu to +26 dBu, with equivalent input noise achieving less than -126 dB, and a signal-noise ratio of over 108 dB.

Built-in 10 in/10 out matrix mixer

The MX-8A is able to mix 10 different sources (8-channel mic/line inputs with stereo USB audio interface) and set mix configurations for each of the 8 different output zones, plus the stereo USB audio interface output zone.

Matrix mixer functions:

  • Mute
  • Fader
  • Fader / Mute grouping
  • Ducking function
  • Ambient noise compensator function
Auto audio configuration functions for a clearer sound

With the ducking function and/or the ambient noise compensator function, users will be able to have a much clearer sound when making announcements or when playing some background music. These can be configured different on each output zone of the matrix mixer.

  • Ducking
    This function detects the level of a mic input and simultaneously turns down the level of the selected output zone. This can be used to increase intelligibility of announcements when background music is present.
  • Ambient Noise Compensator
    The Ambient Noise Compensator (ANC) function also detects input source level and automatically configures the level of the selected output zone. Whenever there is fluctuation on the noise level of a field environment, this function will automatically compensate the volume for clearer background music or announcements.
Output Routing

8 different mixes can be flexibly routed to the 8 line outputs.

Configurable Output Modules

The powerful DSP of the TASCAM MX-8A will also allow processing of signals routed to the output for easy optimization for different spaces and audio playback systems throughout the installation.

Output module functions:

  • 10 band EQ
    8 band parametric EQ
    Low shelving EQ / high pass filter
    High shelving EQ / low pass filter
  • Delay
  • Limiter
  • Phase switching
  • Test tone
  • Mute
  • Fader
  • Fader / Mute grouping
10 band EQ8 band parametric EQ
Low shelving EQ / high pass filter
High shelving EQ / low pass filter
Compatible with Audio Playback / Recording software

The built-in 2 in / 2 out USB audio interface also enables the TASCAM MX-8A to function as powerful and flexible audio recording interface, compatible with a variety of operating systems including: Windows / macOS / Android / iOS.

Scene Preset and Timer Event Functions

Effect parameters, mix levels, input / output routings and more can be saved in one of 50 different preset locations. By using the scene preset function together with the SNTP client included timer event function*, it is possible to automatically switch different scenes at a specified time.
*Timer event function planned to be compatible on a future version update.

Wall-mount programmable controllers

External wall-mount controller functions such as source control, volume adjustment, mute, or LCD display lighting time can be programmed via TASCAM MX CONNECT. Wall-mount controllers are available in two different panel sizes.


"RC-W100-R120" is compatible with switch boxes commonly used in the US and Japan.
"RC-W100-R86" is compatible with switch boxes commonly used in Europe.

Up to 8 wall-mount controllers can be daisy-chain connected to the TASCAM MX-8A using Cat5e or higher cables with a maximum length of 200m (656 ft.). The controller power is supplied from the MX-8A which helps simplify installation procedures and reduce installation costs.

* TASCAM MX CONNECT Software V1.2.0 or upwards is needed to use this function.

Features at a glance

  • 8-channel mic / line input with phantom power (+48v) support
  • Supports remote mic gain control
  • 8 line output
  • Equipped with Euroblock connectors for signal input / output
  • Compatible with external software (Windows / macOS / Android / iOS) for audio playback / recording via USB audio interface function
  • Includes a variety of DSP functions for optimal use in different scenes / environments
  • Flexible scene preset function allows recall of a variety of configurations (Up to 50 presets)
  • Timer event function allows to automatically switch scenes at a specified time (planned to be compatible on a future version update)
  • 2 types of user control software available for Windows / Mac / iOS / Android devices:
    TASCAM MX CONNECT (For integrators); Input / output routing selection, DSP / design / scene settings of the complete system, etc.
    TASCAM EZ CONNECT (For end-users); Simple app design with only the necessary functions such as area volume settings, etc.
  • Equipped with a RS-232C connector to support serial remote control systems
  • Equipped with an RS-485 connector for dedicated wall-mount programmable controller RC-W100-R120 / RC-W100-R86 (optional accessories, sold separately) enabling source selection and volume adjustment.
  • Supports remote control via Ethernet
  • 1U rack-mountable size
  • Installed indicators display operating status and control software connection status

Spec description

FORMAT 44.1k / 48k Hz, 16bit / 24bit
Connector 4-pin USB B-type
Transfer rate USB2.0 High Speed (480Mbps)
Connector Euroblock (Balanced) 3.81mm pitch
Minimum input level -70dBu
Maximum input level  
MIC +26dBu
LINE +24dBu
Input impedance 2.2kΩ or higher
Connector Euroblock (Balanced) 3.81mm pitch
Nominal output level +4dBu (when Ref.Level set to other than -9dBFS)
+6dBu (when Ref.Level set to -9dBFS)
Maximum output level
+15dBu (Ref.Level: -9dBFS)
+18dBu (Ref.Level: -14dBFS)
+20dBu (Ref.Level: -16dBFS)
+22dBu (Ref.Level: -18dBFS)
+24dBu (Ref.Level: -20dBFS)
Output impedance 200Ω or lower
Connector D-sub 9-pin (female, inch-standard)
Connector RJ-45
Cables Category 5e or faster STP cables
Connector RJ-45
Transmission protocol TCP/IP
Ethernet standard 100BASE-TX
Cables Category 5e or faster STP cables
Power AC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 21W
Dimensions 483(W) × 45(H) × 304.1(D)mm (including protrusions)
Weight 3.0kg
Operating temperature range 0~40°C
Included items Power cord × 1, Euroblock plug × 16、Cable band kit × 1, Rackmount screw kit × 1, Owner's Manual (including warranty) × 1


Audio performance

Mic amp EIN (equivalent input noise) -126dBu or less (MIC IN → LINE OUT, Input impedance 150Ω, 22kHz LPF+A, A-weighted, JEITA)
Frequency response +0.5/-0.5dB: 20Hz~20kHz (+24dBu input, MIC IN → LINE OUT, GAIN MIN, JEITA)
Distortion (THD+N) 0.005% or less (+24dBu input, 1kHz, MIC IN → LINE OUT, GAIN MIN, JEITA)
S/N ratio 106dB or higher (+24dBu input, 44.1 k/48 kHz sampling frequency, MIC IN → LINE OUT, GAIN MIN, JEITA)
Crosstalk 106dB or higher (+24dBu input, 1kHz, MIC IN → LINE OUT, GAIN MIN, JEITA)
Dynamic range 106dB or higher (MIC IN → LINE OUT, GAIN MIN, JEITA)

Note: JEITA indicates compliance with JEITA CP-2150


Supported audio drivers

Windows UAC2.0, WDM
macOS / iOS UAC2.0
Android UAC2.0


Supported OS'


Windows 10 (May 2019 Update)


macOS Catalina New , macOS Mojave
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