Tascam MZ-372 - Industrial Grade Audio Zone Mixer

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Designed for permanent installation, the TASCAM MZ-372 offers versatile routing, mixing, and control of multiple audio sources in an attractive easy-to-operate 3U package. For maximium flexability, source content can include music, spoken word (microphone), turntable, and more - all easily controlled via familiar sliders and assignment controls.

Flexible I/O

The MZ-372 allows multiple audio sources (19 total) to be mixed, muted, and routed to two (2) redundant outputs, controlled by familiar volume sliders and assignment buttons.  Input signals can be inserted via six (6) audio channels, each consisting of two (2) sets of unbalanced RCA-type stereo pairs, and six (6) XLR inputs for a total of twelve (12) sets of RCA-type inputs and six (6) XLR inputs.  In addition, channels 2/3/4 can be set to accommodate phono-level signals for use with a turntable. Lastly, and located conveniently on the front panel, one additional XLR input is available driving a studio quality mic preamp and ducking circuit for easy voiceover and announcement work.

Multiple  Zone Outputs

Twin outputs each feature a combination of balanced XLR or RCA unbalanced connectors for easy integration into virtually any audio system. This flexibility allows combinations of microphones, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, instruments - or any other audio source - to be selected or muted, and sent simultaneously to the dual outputs, each with it’s own volume control. Finally, the convenient “talkover” function will automatically lower any mixed channel source so the microphone connected to the front panel can easily be can be heard in whichever zones you choose.

Easy, Immediate Control

Familiar volume sliders, switches/buttons, EQ knobs, and mute buttons make the MZ-372 simple and fast to operate and set up.  There is even a master recording stereo output, which can send audio to an external recorder which makes event or music performance capturing easy.  The Booth outputs provide another stereo feed with independent control for additional monitoring.


    • Maximum flexibility for audio routing, input selection, and multiple redundant output flow, perfect for integrator, musical instrument, and residential applications
    • Multiple inputs include 12 sets of stereo RCA-type, 6 selectable mic/line XLR, and a dedicated front-panel XLR mic input; 19 total input “sets”
    • Channel audio sources can easily be selected, muted, and contoured via simple volume sliders, toggle switches/buttons, and knobs
    • Two redundant output channels each with stereo XLR balanced and unbalanced RCA-type connectors; each with separate volume control
    • Separate stereo booth, recording, and headphone outputs each with independent control
    • One additional mic-compatible XLR input on the front panel with “Talkover” function automatically lowering source audio
    • Independent three-band EQ per each of the 5 channels and a two-band EQ on the additional front panel microphone input
    • Compact 3U rack mount design



    Audio inputs


    Connectors                           XLR-3-31 (1 GND, 2 HOT, 3 COLD)

    6.3mm (1/4”) standard TRS jacks (Tip HOT, Ring COLD, Sleeve GND)

    Input impedance                  33 kΩ

    Nominal input level              -65 dBu (VOLUME knob at MAX)

    Nominal input level              -10 dBu (VOLUME knob at MIN)

    Gain range                           55 dB


    Connectors                           XLR-3-31 (1 GND, 2 HOT, 3 COLD)

    Set to MIC

    Maximum input level             -10 dBu

    Minimum input level                -65 dBu

    Input impedance                      33 kΩ

    Set to LINE

    Nominal input level                  -1 dBu

    Maximum input level                 20 dBu

    Input impedance                       22 kΩ


    Connectors                           RCA pin jacks

    Nominal input level                   -10 dBV

    Maximum input level                 10 dBV

    Input impedance                        22 kΩ

    Audio outputs


    Connectors                           RCA pin jacks

    Rated output level                    -10 dBV

    Maximum output level                 6 dBV

    Output impedance                      200 Ω


    Connectors                           XLR-3-32 (1 GND, 2 HOT, 3 COLD)

    Rated output level                      4 dBu

    Maximum output level                 24 dBu

    Output impedance                       200 Ω

    SUB OUTPUT connectors

    Connectors                           RCA pin jacks

    Rated output level                        -16 dBV

    Maximum output level                   0 dBV

    Output impedance                         200 Ω

    MONITOR OUT jacks

    Connectors                           RCA pin jacks

    Rated output level                        -16 dBV

    Maximum output level                    0 dBV

    Output impedance                          200 Ω

    PHONES jack

    Connectors                                     6.3mm (1/4”) standard stereo jack

    Maximum output                             50 mW + 50 mW (into 32 Ω load)

    Audio performance

    Frequency response

    20 Hz–20 kHz


    0.03% or less


    65 dB



    Dedicated AC adapter (TASCAM PS-M1524)

    Input voltage                                    AC 100–240V ~, 50/60Hz

    Output voltage                                  DC 15V

    Output current                                   2.4 A

    Power consumption

    35 W


    482.0 (19”) × 132.0 (5 1/8”) × 93.2 mm (3 5/8”) (width × height × depth, including protrusions)


    3.2 kg (7.05 lb)

    More Information
    MPN (manufacturer part number)MZ-372
    UPC (Universal Product Code)00043774033508
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