Wireless Microphones Systems

With continuous technological improvements and advances in Wireless Microphones Systems, they are more affordable and popular than ever due to its sound quality and reliability. Their potential uses go far beyond the stage.

 No cables -No worries

A performer wants true freedom of movement.  Experience the legendary sound with the total freedom of a wireless solution.
 From in-ear monitoring to Wireless Microphones Systems for vocals, brass, guitars & woodwind, rkaudio caters for start out bands to the needs of professional touring presenters & musicians.

Condenser Microphones Condenser Microphones

To convert acoustical energy into electrical energy, Condenser Microphones uses a capacitor that stores energy in the electrostatic form.

Condenser Microphones are more responsive & sensitive than dynamics, making them compatible to capturing subtle nuances in a sound. Condenser microphone can produce great results. Rkaudio has the best collection of Condenser Microphones for your needs and budget.

Ribbon MicrophonesRibbon Microphones

Recording acoustic guitars, guitar cabinets, drum over-heads, vocals, and countless other types of instruments were never been better than the ribbon microphones.These Ribbon microphones are a great addition to our collection at the Rkaudio. We have the finest ribbon microphones for the natural and open sound.


USB MicrophonesUSB Microphones

 Rkaudio.com, well known for its audio products, recently entered the Mac market with a unique USB microphones used by all big audio professionals. There have been numerous USB microphones to hit the market but using a pop filter USB Microphones are absolutely crucial for any audio work. No matter what the application used, Wireless Microphones Systems at the rkaudio are simply the best due to the following features;  

  • Simplicity

Set up and go for it. Your stage is cleaner and your Microphone is less intrusive, so you can concentrate on your performance better.

  • Mobility

Wireless Microphones Systems cut you loose wherever you perform.

  • Versatility

Wireless Microphones Systems can adapt to nearly anything you do and any place you go.

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