DJ Equipment Buying Guide

Choosing an audio player
Turntables (Known as decks, tables)
Digital players
DJ mixers
DJ headphones

Well, now you are decided to purchase some DJ equipments, right? But before purchase anything, you must know some basic details about the DJ equipments.

This article will help you to get brief details about the DJ equipments. No matter whether you are beginner or an avid sound professional, just a closer look about the whole matter. Usually, a DJ setup includes the following apparatus –

- CD / MP3 Players

- DJ headphonesDJ GEAR

- DJ mixer

- DJ headphones

- Amplification System


Choosing an audio player

First thing first, before doing anything, you must decide what you’re going to play? Digital audio or Vinyl. The DJ units divided into parts and they always debating about which one is the best. Well, we can’t make any decision here. We just mention some important aspect of them. Hope this will clear your needs. In case of CDs, you need to burn more copies; on the other hand MP3s can take a huge collection of music with very little space.

Some people think that, vinyl is more subjective. Others say, people can go more creative on CD. Another reason of vinyl use is – you can see where a breakdown is in the groove of a record.

Turntables (Known as decks, tables)

There are two types of drives are available in the market, which can provide you vinyl turntable go round. They are –

- Belt-driveTurntables

- Direct-drive

Belt-drive turntables usually attached with a smaller spindle that turns a large rubber band like belt, which is connected with a platter. It is more affordable than direct-drive. However, it will take more time to get up the speed and can be slow when you are trying to adjust the pitch. Not only that, it is hard to lock tempos manually. In short, it is not recommended.

On the other hand, direct-drive turntables come with a motor with a ring of powerful magnets, which drive the platter. It will get up speed very quickly. It is very popular among professionals and experienced DJs. It will save your money for long run. They are very durable and of course they are recommended product.

There are few other aspects art also equally important. They are – platter, spindle and strobe dots, slipmat, speed selector, pitch control, tone arm, and counterweight.

Digital players

In DJ world, there are two types of digital players mainly used. They are –

- Rackmount CD players

- Tabletop players

Dual rackmount CD players offer robust and versatile setup options for two rackmountable units. Usually, all dual rackmount CD players comes with speed sensitive jog wheels, which will help you to speed up or slow down the song.

On the other hand, tabletop player are usually set up on both sides of the mixer like a phonograph turntables. Some of them come with pressure a sensitive platter that enables you to simulate scratching a record by spinning it forward or backward. Some enhanced players also comes with exclusive platter effects like reverse, break and many others…

DJ mixers

The only way to distinguish among all DJ mixers is effects and numbers of inputs and channels. For example – for beginner’s level – a basic mixer with two or three channels and CD players is enough, but in case of a avid professional, they are very inadequate.

DJ headphoneslazyload

Apart from the technical specification and sound quality; you must aware of the comfort of the headphone, because comfort is one of the primary features of good quality DJ headphones. The main reason of it is – you are wearing it for hours and it MUST be comfortable for you. Other important aspects are – durability and flexibility, because you twist or bend it for several times. So, a good DJ headphone must with swivel earpiece. Finally, they must be noise proof, because noises can surely affect your work. For more details about DJ equipments, please contact our customer care. They will provide you the in-depth guide for your very special DJ equipments.