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  1. QSC MP-M80 (B-Stock)
    QSC MP-M80 (B-Stock)
    Special Price $1,549.00 Regular Price $2,060.00
  2. sale
    AtlasIED BB-816- 8x16 Networkable DSP Processor
    AtlasIED BB-816- 8x16 Networkable DSP Processor
    Special Price $3,881.99 Regular Price $4,848.49
  3. sale
    AtlasIED AZM4 -Atmosphere 4-Zone Audio Processor
    AtlasIED AZM4 -Atmosphere 4-Zone Audio Processor
    Special Price $1,246.99 Regular Price $1,311.99
  4. QSC MP-M40 (B-Stock)
    QSC MP-M40 (B-Stock)
    Special Price $1,170.00 Regular Price $1,370.00
  5. BSS BLU-50v2 (B-Stock)
    BSS BLU-50v2 (B-Stock)
    Special Price $1,149.00 Regular Price $1,709.00
  6. Symetrix Jupiter 4 (B-Stock)
    Symetrix Jupiter 4 (B-Stock)
    Special Price $1,379.00 Regular Price $1,537.00
  7. Drawmer SP2120  -2-Channel Speaker Protector
    Drawmer SP2120 -2-Channel Speaker Protector
    Special Price $799.00 Regular Price $899.00
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In the world of audio installation, the backbone of any sophisticated sound system lies in the installation processors. These powerful devices play a pivotal role in shaping, optimizing, and controlling audio signals to deliver the best possible sound experience in various environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatility: Installation processors come in various forms to suit different applications. Whether it's a commercial venue, house of worship, conference room, or educational facility, there's a tailored solution available. From rack-mount and wall-mount to ceiling-mount options, installation processors offer versatility in installation.
  • Advanced Signal Processing: DSP installation processors are equipped with advanced digital signal processing capabilities. These processors allow for precise control over audio signals, including EQ adjustments, crossover configurations, and delay compensation, ensuring optimal sound quality in any setting.
  • Seamless Integration: With networked installation processors, seamless integration into existing audio systems is possible. These processors support protocols like Dante integration, enabling easy networking and control of multiple devices over a network, ideal for complex audio setups.
  • Intuitive Control: Many installation processors feature user-friendly interfaces, such as touchscreen displays and remote control options. This intuitive control allows users to make real-time adjustments to audio settings with ease, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Tailored Solutions: Installation processors cater to specific needs and requirements of different environments. Whether it's a retail space, restaurant, or theater, there are installation processors designed to meet the unique demands of each setting, ensuring optimal audio performance.


In conclusion, installation processors are essential components in modern audio installations, offering versatility, advanced signal processing capabilities, seamless integration, intuitive control, and tailored solutions for various environments. Whether you're optimizing sound in a conference room, house of worship, retail space, or educational facility, installation processors play a crucial role in delivering high-quality audio experiences. Explore our range of installation processors today and elevate your audio installations to new heights of excellence.