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Perfect Sound for Any Business Space: Your One-Stop Shop for Commercial Audio Transform your conference room, restaurant, hybrid learning classroom, or hotel with exceptional sound. Sweetwater is your trusted partner for top-tier commercial audio equipment, empowering you to create immersive experiences that resonate with your audience. Whether you’re a professional audio engineer, sound designer, broadcast company, event organizer, A/V rental company, or live sound technician, we have the perfect commercial audio mixer and signal processor for you. Installation Amplifiers, Installation Speakers,

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  1. Powersoft MEZZO 324 AD - 320W 4-Channel Amplifier with DSP & Dante
    Powersoft MEZZO 324 AD - 320W 4-Channel Amplifier with DSP & Dante
    Special Price $1,248.00 Regular Price $1,410.00
  2. QSC MP-M80 (B-Stock)
    QSC MP-M80 (B-Stock)
    Special Price $1,549.00 Regular Price $2,060.00
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About Commercial Audio

Seeking commercial audio solutions for your conference room, restaurant, hybrid learning classroom, or hotel? Look no further! RK Audio is your ultimate destination for all things commercial audio. With an extensive range of commercial speakers, mixers, amplifiers, conference systems, and more, you won't need to shop anywhere else. Our team of experienced Sales Engineers is dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect product for your specific requirements. Don't wait any longer – explore our diverse selection of commercial audio products today!

Commercial Speakers

From conference halls to entertainment venues, commercial speakers enable you to reach your audience effectively. Whether you need discreet speakers or visible monitors, our range ensures excellent sound projection for any setting.

Commercial Mixers and Signal Processing

Achieve optimal audio quality with our top-of-the-line commercial mixers and signal processing equipment. From consoles to rackmounts, we cater to professionals in various industries, offering the perfect solutions for your audio needs.

Power Amplifiers

Enhance sound quality and simplify your setup with our wide selection of power amplifiers. With various options including channels, wattage, inputs/outputs, and DSP features, you'll find the ideal amplifier to suit your requirements.

Mixer Amplifiers

Streamline your audio setup with mixer amplifiers, combining mixing and amplification functions in a single unit. Simplify installation and enjoy independent volume control for different zones in your venue.

Zone Mixers and Matrix Processors

Ensure optimal sound distribution in multi-room venues with zone mixers and matrix processors. These versatile solutions allow precise volume and processing control for each room, ensuring an exceptional audio experience throughout.

Wall and Zone Controllers

Take control of audio volume within specific zones with wall and zone controllers. Connect to matrix processors for seamless integration and flexible audio source selection.

Conference Systems

Transform your conference room with a customizable conference system tailored to your needs. From speakers to microphones, amplifiers, and more, we offer comprehensive solutions for efficient communication.

Video Projectors and Screens

Elevate your presentations with high-quality video projectors and screens from RK Audio. Explore our range of products and accessories to find the perfect setup for your visual needs.

Shop Commercial Audio at RK Audio

With top brands including JBL, Bose Professional, Behringer, TASCAM, and AtlaslED, RK Audio is your go-to destination for commercial audio gear. Explore our guides and articles for expert advice, and feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable Sales Engineers at (516) 597-5450) for personalized assistance.