Martin Audio DX0.6 - 2X6 network system controller

  • Front panel USB port for quick and easy PC connection.
  • Networking option using either Ethernet or RS485 for larger systems.
  • Six segment LED metering for input and output level and limiter operation.
  • 32 User Presets to store system configurations.
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Introducing the Martin Audio DX0.6, a cutting-edge 2-in, 6-out Network System Controller designed to provide precise control and optimization of audio systems in live sound, installed sound, and touring applications. Engineered with advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and intuitive software, the DX0.6 empowers audio professionals to achieve exceptional sound quality, flexibility, and reliability.

Advanced DSP Processing:
The DX0.6 is equipped with powerful DSP processing capabilities, allowing users to optimize and fine-tune audio signals with precision. Featuring high-quality 24-bit converters and advanced algorithms, the controller ensures transparent and accurate signal processing, delivering pristine audio quality with minimal latency and distortion.

Flexible Input and Output Options:
With two analog inputs and six analog outputs, the DX0.6 offers versatile connectivity options to accommodate various audio sources and speaker configurations. The controller supports both balanced and unbalanced inputs, as well as line-level and mic-level signals, providing flexibility for integration into a wide range of audio systems.

Comprehensive Control Interface:
The DX0.6 is designed for intuitive operation and seamless integration into audio systems of any size. Featuring a user-friendly front panel interface and comprehensive software control, the controller allows users to access and adjust a wide range of parameters, including EQ, crossover, delay, limiter, and more, with ease.

Network Connectivity:
Equipped with Ethernet connectivity, the DX0.6 enables remote control and monitoring via standard TCP/IP networks. This allows audio professionals to manage and optimize audio systems from anywhere in the venue using a computer or mobile device, providing unprecedented flexibility and convenience.

Versatile Application:
Whether used in live sound reinforcement, installed sound systems, or touring applications, the DX0.6 offers unmatched versatility and performance. From concert halls and theaters to corporate events and houses of worship, the controller ensures consistent and reliable audio quality in any environment.

Rugged and Reliable Construction:
Built to withstand the demands of professional use, the DX0.6 features a robust and durable enclosure that is designed to endure the rigors of touring and live sound applications. Its rugged construction and high-quality components ensure long-term reliability and performance even in the most challenging conditions.

In summary, the Martin Audio DX0.6 Network System Controller combines advanced DSP processing, flexible connectivity, comprehensive control options, and rugged construction to deliver unparalleled audio performance and reliability in a wide range of applications. Whether used in small venues or large-scale installations, the DX0.6 empowers audio professionals to achieve optimal sound quality and precision control.


Professional 2-input, 6-output system processor for a wide range of system applications.
Comprehensive, sophisticated processing options including EQ, gate, delay and limiting to optimise and protect a system.
Fully assignable matrix routing of both inputs to any output with attenuation option on each routing node.
Two balanced XLR inputs with up to 12dB of gain, polarity invert, 600ms of delay, 10 band parametric EQ with a choice of 14 filter types individually selectable for each band.
Six balanced XLR outputs with 12dB of gain, polarity invert, 200ms delay, high and low pass filters with cut-off slopes from -6dB/oct to -48dB/oct using either Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz Riley filters. 8 band parametric EQ with up a choice of 14 filter types, Independent Program and Peak Limiters
Convenient front panel controls and LCD display with an intuitive menu system for setting or modifying settings. One press mute buttons for all inputs and outputs.
Front panel USB port for quick and easy PC connection.
Networking option using either Ethernet or RS485 for larger systems.
Output channel preset import function to quickly and easily compile a system to suit any application utilising a library of Martin Audio product channel presets.
Six segment LED metering for input and output level and limiter operation.
32 User Presets to store system configurations.
3-level customisable user modes with individual password protection.
Universal switch mode mains PSU accepts 90 to 240V, 50/60Hz.
Compact 1 rack unit design.
Approximate shipping weight: 3.5kg

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