Pioneer DDJ-REV5 2-Channel Scratch-style DJ Controller for rekordbox & Serato

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  • Works with Serato DJ Pro & rekordbox
  • Onboard Stem Control
  • 16 Multicolored Performance Pads
  • Dual 8" Jog Wheels
  • 2-Channel Mixer with Built-In Sound Card
  • Deck Select Button for Use with 4 Decks
  • Combo XLR-1/4" + 1/4" Mic Inputs
  • 2 USB-C Host Inputs
  • Includes Serato Pitch 'n Time Expansion
  • Includes USB-C Power Adapter and Cables
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Pioneer DDJ-REV5: A Scratch DJ's Dream Controller
The Pioneer DDJ-REV5 is a top-of-the-line 2-channel DJ controller designed specifically for scratch DJs and open-format performance.

Packed with innovative features and a familiar scratch-style layout, the DDJ-REV5 allows DJs to seamlessly blend tracks, add creative effects, and perform complex scratches with ease. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, the DDJ-REV5 offers the tools you need to take your mixing skills to the next level.

Here's a closer look at what the DDJ-REV5 has to offer:

Large Jog Wheels and Magvel Fader: The DDJ-REV5 boasts large jog wheels that provide a high level of precision and control, perfect for scratching and other technical maneuvers. The Magvel Fader ensures a smooth and responsive feel, ideal for quick cuts and transitions.
Scratch-Optimized Layout: The DDJ-REV5's layout mimics the setup of traditional turntables, with the platters and buttons positioned in a way that feels natural to scratch DJs. This familiarity allows DJs to easily transition to the controller and perform their signature techniques.
Dedicated Stems Control: The DDJ-REV5 features innovative buttons for dedicated control of stems, which are the individual components of a track (e.g., drums, bass, vocals). This allows DJs to isolate and manipulate specific elements of a song, adding a new layer of creativity to their mixes.
Unique Piano Play Mode: This exciting feature lets you trigger musical notes directly from the pads, creating melodic lines and adding a unique twist to your performances.
Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro Compatibility: The DDJ-REV5 is compatible with both rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, giving DJs the flexibility to choose their preferred software.

Benefits of using the Pioneer DDJ-REV5 DJ controller:

Precise Scratching: The large jog wheels and Magvel Fader provide the perfect platform for performing intricate scratches and cuts.
Creative Performance: The DDJ-REV5's unique features, such as dedicated stems control and Piano Play mode, allow DJs to add new dimensions to their sets.
Flexible Compatibility: Compatibility with both Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox software gives DJs the freedom to choose the software that best suits their needs.

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