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brings forward all the award-winning and game changing features as its predecessor. One of the big new features is an external crossfader tension adjust, which has been added to give full control over the feel of the crossfader. Additionally, the SEVENTY-TWO MKII is fitted with three new ultra-light MAG FOUR faders. This new high-quality design is RANE’s lightest and smoothest fader yet.

The SEVENTY-TWO MKII also allows DJs to customise the parameter controls to act as either Silent Cue, Instant Doubles or Sync control, while the DVS input option has been expanded to include the Aux input as well as the Phono/CD input for a more flexible setup.


RANE TWELVE MKII Motorised DJ Controller

What’s a world-class DJ mixer without a equally world-class DJ controller? The RANE TWELVE MKII is the next evolution in turntable controllers, with a simple, yet incredibly powerful motorized DJ control system.


The TWELVE MKII has all the characteristics and simplicity of a traditional turntable, but without the hassle of fragile needles and skipping tone arms. The TWELVE MKII delivers a true vinyl-like experience to keep DJs grounded in the art of DJing, while allowing them to take full advantage of the creative performance options available in today’s digital world.

The TWELVE MKII expands its control possibilities to Traktor and Virtual DJ users - via USB Midi, DVS Audio, or a hybrid of both - in addition to the previously supported Serato DJ Pro. Add in more navigation, instant doubles control, plus a new plunger-style Start/Stop button, and the TWELVE MKII broadens its legacy control. The vinyl experience is also fully customisable by adding your favourite slipmat.

With the TWELVE MKII, you can scratch and play with the direct spontaneity and creativity of a turntablist, but with the precision, repeatability, and durability of the best digital solutions. With a brand-new OLED Screen, as well as navigable control selection and BPM display, you’ll never be lost on the TWELVE MKII as it is truly the very best of both.

With its all-metal body, the TWELVE MKII is built like a tank, but has all the agility needed to compete on world stages.


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